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Civil Litigation

We litigate contract and business disputes throughout the northern Virginia general district and circuit courts, as well as in the US Eastern District Court of Virginia (Alexandria).


Business and Civil Disputes

-Contract Disputes

-Collection on Delinquent Accounts

-Independent Contractor Claims

-Business Torts




Court Practice

US EDVA, Alexandria

Alexandria GDC and CC

Arlington GDC, CC

Fairfax GDC, CC

Fourth Circuit

US Bankruptcy Court, Alexandria


Standard fee agreements are based on an hourly rate, established with a pre-paid retainer.

Business Law


We help businesses and their leaders grow and succeed by protecting and defending their interests through negotiation and litigation.


Business Practice

-Contract Disputes

-Business Formation

-Independent Contract Negotiation/Drafting


Transactional Law

-Review/drafting of contracts

-Settlement Agreements

-Articles of Organization or Incorporation

-Operating Statement



Real Estate Law


We help numerous businesses, landlords, and owners of properties/condos resolve disputes and enforce their rights. 


Commercial Landlord/Tenant

-Drafting and Negotiating Lease Agreements

-Enforcing Lease provisions

-Negotiating and Litigating resolution to Lease disputes


Residential Landlord/Tenant

-Unlawful Detainer Suits



Condominium Disputes


Mechanic's Liens



Employment Law


We pursue a range of employee claims related to wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, and defending/enforcing non-compete clauses.


EEOC Claims

-Title VII Claims based on race, gender, or religion

-Representation through the EEOC process

-Litigation post-EEOC process


Section 1981 Claims

-Pursuing discrimination claims denying an employee's contractual rights


USERRA Litigation

-Enforcing servicemember's employment rights after returning from deployment



Obed Law offers standard hourly fee arrangements in addition to hybrid flat fee/reduced hourly plus contingency fee arrangements on a case by case basis.


"The attorney/client relationship must be built on trust, respect, and pragmatism. At Obed Law, establishing this relationship starts from the onset and continues throughout representation."

Seth James B. Obed

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